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 16 GB Official USB Flash Drive for Xbox

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PostSubject: 16 GB Official USB Flash Drive for Xbox   Fri Aug 20, 2010 10:21 pm

It looks like the hefty price tag that was slapped on the 16GB Official USB Flash Drive for the Xbox 360 was a little too much for most gamers to handle as it looks like GameStop has already discounted the memory device with a nice little twenty dollar price cut. The 16GB USB Flash Drive is intended for those who don’t have a regular HDD for the Xbox 360 and who apparently can’t locate a Best Buy, Micro Center, or any other place that sells USB drives cheap.

The 16GB Flash Drive debuted originally at $69.99. However, starting today owbers of the Xbox 360 can get the ridiculously overpriced 16GB Flash Drive at a low price (we say low loosely on this one) of $49.99. Along with the newly purchased 16GB Flash Drive, a 1 Month Xbox Live Card will be included (at selects GameStop stores).

If you’ve been holding out on adding memory to your Xbox 360 and just have to make sure that anything you plug into your console is 100% Microsoft overpriced – errm, I mean approved, then you should check out the 16GB Flash Drive which will gradually be discounted everywhere, but currently is only listed as $49.99 at GameStop. And since you get a free month of XBL Gold, why not?
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PostSubject: Re: 16 GB Official USB Flash Drive for Xbox   Sat Aug 21, 2010 5:55 am

I dont uderstand Wat xbox 360 does
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16 GB Official USB Flash Drive for Xbox
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