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 Complete Guide To Bypassing Internet Filters

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PostSubject: Complete Guide To Bypassing Internet Filters   Fri Aug 20, 2010 10:20 pm

I have also posted this here: http://hupitgaming.com/forum/16-computertechnical-help/90646-complete-guide-to-bypassing-internet-filters#90646 I though some of you guys might find this useful.

Complete Guide To Bypassing Internet Filters

Are you sick of your favourite websites being blocked at school, work and other places? In this guide I will show you the best ways of bypassing the filters that stop you viewing these websites. There are many ways in which to bypass internet filters that are used to block websites. These include:

> Using a web based proxy
> IP/Port Bypass Within Internet Browser
> Download An Anonymous Browser
> Browser Mobile Trick

Using A Web Based Proxy

Using a web based proxy is by far the easiest way to bypass the internet filters that stop you viewing your favourite websites. A web-based proxy is powered by server-side software such as PHProxy, CGIProxy, Poxy or custom proxy scripts. A web based proxy has a web interface very similar to the google search box. Just enter the website address you want to visit in that box and click "submit" button, everything is done! You can find hundreds working web-based proxies at:


Here is a list of some web-based proxies in the spoiler:

IP/Port Bypass Within Internet Browser

The IP/Port bypass method will only work if you have the rights to edit a few settings within the browser that you are using at either work or school. This method is not quite as simple as the first method but can be more effective if it works. I will show you how to do this method in Internet Explorer and Firefox. I am unsure about any other browsers so please don’t ask.


- Go to the public proxy list at: http://www.xroxy.com/proxy-port.htm
- Copy a few proxy addresses (Example - IP:Port) to the notepad. Some proxies may be dead so you need more than one proxy for test.

Here are some proxies that i got for you in a spoiler:




Download An Anonymous Browser

Download free proxy software. Some proxy software can automatic search the proxies from the Internet and configure the browser setting for you. The best type of software that falls into this category is XeroBank. You can find this software here: https://xerobank.com/download/xb-browser/ After you have downloaded just install the software on a USB pen and take it to the computer you want to unblock websites on. It should automatically configure itself and bypass the filters. I might add more information on this if needed.

Browser Mobile Trick

You might want to try this. A new way I’ve seen some people do it is by using Google Mobile, similar to the Google translate idea this uses the Google mobile feature which will forward you to the site although the site will appear broken due to the fact that Google mobile was made for small screen. To use this technique use this url:
Don’t forget to change “websiteurl.com” to the website you want to visit. This may unblock the website.

I hope this helps a lot of you out.

Thanks, XuHi.
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PostSubject: Re: Complete Guide To Bypassing Internet Filters   Fri Aug 20, 2010 10:29 pm

Watching Pr0nz at School is easy now Very Happy.
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Complete Guide To Bypassing Internet Filters
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